Sunrich Biotech is a premier tissue culture technology company dedicated in providing only the best & finest quality plantlets to our customers. Backed by 40 years of tissue culture R&D experience, Sunrich Biotech sets the industry standards.

About Us

It all began in 2013 with a group of friends aspiring to make a change for a greener more sustainable world. And it must start right at the beginning of the value chain; producing plantlets that are disease-free and of consistent quality using tissue culture technology. As a team, Sunrich Biotech aims to cover the entire value chain in the most sustainable way possible with the lowest impact to the environment.

Understanding the needs of businesses and consumers through the entire value chain, Sunrich Biotech commits to providing the only the best products and services through 3 of our main entities; Sunrich Biotech, The Fresh Lab and Sunria.My. They encompass plant tissue culture & germination all the way to harvesting of produce and the resources needed every step of the way.

Sunrich Biotech

The Future of Agriculture

Sunrich Biotech specializes in plant tissue culture of commercial crops such as banana, ginger and sweet potatoes; and ornamental plants for small to large scale planting. Ornamental plantlets are distributed under the brand Sunrich Ornamentals. R&D is a constant priority in Sunrich as we strive to consistently develop new products and technology. Backed by research experience of over 40 years, Sunrich Biotech has been the trusted industry player with a track record for high quality plantlets.

The Fresh Lab

Healthy • Clean • Safe

The Fresh Lab aspires to be the leader in urban farming, producing healthy, clean and safe vegetables throughout the region. The Fresh Lab focusses on its core values to only grow vegetables without the use of harmful chemicals and pollutants. The outcome are safe and fresh vegetables that are healthier and lasts longer in storage. Currently, The Fresh Lab is one of the leading producers of organic microgreens in Northern Malaysia and plans to expand its coverage in the near future.


Your Trusted Agriculture Partner

Sunria Agriculture completes the agricultural cycle by supplying a wide range of agricultural products and equipment encompassing fertilizers, planting soil, compost, polybags and many others. Sunria supports the whole spectrum of consumers from hobbyist to enthusiasts to commercial planters. Sunria's main objective is to encourage and cultivate agriculture in homes & supporting commercial planters by introducing only the best agricultural products to the market. Being our own consumer, products bearing Sunria brand is assured of only the best quality products.